Sunday, April 19, 2009

chains vs args

I've been using chains for endpoints for a bit. They are quite useful if I want one simple filter criteria.

Recently, I have a requirement for two or more criteria. This could be, for example: filetype=10 and project=8. I'm imagining that I could construct the required end point with chains, but how could I do this without implementing two controllers: one for ./filetype/10/project/8 and the other for /project/8/filetype/10.

In this case, I think it would be nice for the order of criteria to be arbitrary. I'm not sure how to achieve this, so instead I've used: $c->req->query_parameters and get the GET hash and then used that to construct my filter criteria.

I've seen a post, dating from 2006 I think, on this topic. I feel like there should be a pattern, or best policy which should improve on my crude solution. I look forward to it.

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