Saturday, September 10, 2011

understanding the decision copyright in EU

If you are struggling to understand the sense of the copyright extension granted by the EU, I invite you to exercise the following idea against the decision:

The tradition of dead generations hang like a nightmare in the minds of the living.

In this case, Cliff et al have conjured a spectre that law makers have felt confident cowering to. The instantaneous value of the copyright in question has become crippling to law makers, trapped in the headlights of old intellectual capital. The alternative, to welcome a continuous introduction of content to the chaos of the public domain ecosystem, lost this round.

It doesn't take a great deal of imagination to think that: as Marx provides a compelling critique of modern political economy, Marx may provide a compelling critique of modern political economy.

For the record, IMHO Cliff's music is utterly worthless. And (IMHO) people that enjoy his music are idiots. And that goes for every other artist that has become so alienated from their art that they need lawyers to provide critical appraisal of their (past) actions.

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