Tuesday, April 13, 2010

building kernel for joggler

The excellent Playing the Joggler blog contains all the information you need to build a kernel for your joggler. I thought I would collect together what I did so interested others can complete to process too:

I cloned the git 'baseline' branch of
then applied the patches.
[the 'joggler' branch of this repo now has the patches applied - so cloning that will avoid adding the patches].
The patches can be found here:

I then took the .config file from

I did:
1. make
2. make modules
3. make modules_install INSTALL_MOD_DIR=./initfs (I think)
4. make bzImage - (and renamed the image vmlinuz)

I took the initrd from efi-nokeyboard.tar.gz and put the modules (that I built with line 3 above) into a new initrd. Instructions for rebuilding a initrd can also be found on the excellent Playing the Joggler blog.

There is a great wiki that contains information about running alternative OS's on the Joggler - and it has a page on building the kernel which is worth watching.

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