Sunday, December 6, 2009

postgresql search_path with ruby on rails

I studied (amongh other things) electrical engineering at Univsrity. One of the lectures said that you only need one forumal to master the subject: V=IR. However, the lecture warned, you have to know that forumla inside out.

Indeed, you could argue that V=IR is a simplification of Maxwells law, so V=IR not only covers you for EE, but a large chunk of physics (astro, plasma for example) as well.

Some times, I think MVC frameworks are similar.

Anyways... .I'm finding myself using Rails today. I've used it before with some success but didn't like the way it wanted to dominate the DB. My current thinking is that this approach is alright unless you want to integrate a legacy DB.

I'm integrating a legacy DB. It's in PostgreSQL and it uses schema namespaces. Namespaces are really worth the effort. They look great if you use PgAdminIII.

I struggled for a hour or so with my namespaces and then I discovered that I could include a search_path in ./config/database.yml. Now everything is working well again.

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