Friday, August 21, 2009

firefox 3.5 landscape printing orientation icon

I have recently upgraded to Firefox 3.5. I am experiencing pretty poor performance from it, but this is no different to 3.0 I was running previously.

I suspect that it is either: the extensions i'm using (adblock, noscript, cookiemonster?) or my machine setup: openSuse 11.1.

Today i'm posting on something which I have noticed: I think the 'landscape' icon in firefox printing dialogues is broken. This icon appears in 'page setup' and 'print preview' and I believe it should show the picture of a person rotated through 90deg anti-clockwise to be correct. Here is an annotated screenshot capturing the offending icon.
The same criticism could be leveled at the 'reverse landscape' icon.

UPDATE: it would appear that these icons are provided by GTK, not firefox.

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