Wednesday, August 13, 2008

LDAP, there must be an upside

LDAP is a fairly natural choice for a organisation who will be distributed over a number of sites and have users with differing roles.

So I thought I'd have a play with it to get a feel for how it would work for us.

That play took a while (two days) but I'm beginning to get a feel for it. While I normally like the command line for alot of sys-admin stuff, I really wanted a graphical browser to surf around entries and make changes.

It took half a day to track down and configure jxplorer, but this did what I wanted and my search ended there. Other candidates which I tried out included:
  • directory_administrator old school X11 interface, does not currently work with OpenLDAP 2.2 or newer - which was a problem for me.
  • lat which was a prone to crashing at my hand: I think due to my incompetence.
  • luma which I couldn't get configured - probably for the same reason I had problems with lat.
after all this tinkering with LDAP, i'm starting to see the benifits though: using tools which support it. The first of these will likely be an ftp server.

The upside: One directory of users with roles, all the services use this directory. Centralised and manageable.

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Marty said...

You're seeing the hint of an upside. It's there. GOod luck with it! ... Jxplorer is a great browser/editor. You might want to put web2ldap onto a server somewhere as another alternative. Then you can browse, edit, etc. from anywhere. Just a thought.