Thursday, July 31, 2008

Catalyst, day one

I've previously played with Ruby on Rails. My experience was ok with that. However, I considered 'no composite keys' a limitation.

So I've been watching the mailing lists of both CakePHP and Catalyst. I couldn't convince myself that CakePHP would allow for composite keys. In order to evaluate Catalyst, I have bought the book by Jonathan Rockaway and am working thought that.

This is the end of the first day at that and I thought note a couple my initial impressions.

On the book: It is worth visiting the errata. I went thought this and pencilled it into the book before I started reading.

On Catalyst: It seems a little complicated for my tastes. I'm expect that 'complicated' will become 'powerful' as I gain experience in it. We will see.

TIP for today: when creating a model in catalyst, and using a database with a user and password, you'll need to use something like: ...create=static dbi:Pg:dbname=testdatabase testuser testpassword if you want to include a username and password.

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